bitsburg - Bitcoin Trading

Buy and sell Bitcoin on an exchange that respects your privacy.

  • Peer-to-Peer (P2P)
  • Low fees and high limits
  • A variety of payment methods and currencies
  • Local and worldwide trade partners
  • Escrow to protect your coins and money
  • Anonymous, no identity verification (no KYC)
  • Feedback system
  • Shared wallet
  • Simple, clean and secure
  • Earn money (affiliate program)


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Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Bitcoin Trading

bitsburg is a global Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Bitcoin Trading platform. Simply browse offers or post your own to buy Bitcoin from or sell Bitcoin to other users with low fees and high limits. Choose from a variety of payment methods (including Cash, Bank transfer, Money transfer, Online Wallet, Cryptocurrency, Debit Card, Gift Card and Goods) and currencies. Find trade partners near you or worldwide to communicate and trade with them Peer-To-Peer while we act as escrow to protect your coins and money.

Stay anonymous

Stay healthy, stay at home if necessary, but also stay anonymous. Cryptocurrencies are not meant to be regulated which is why we don't ask you to verify your identity (no KYC) unlike most other exchanges do. You may come up with a pseudonym and can build up a good reputation with the help of our feedback system.

Shared wallet

bitsburg also comes with a shared wallet functionality. Although we suggest not keeping too much funds in a web wallet you can also receive and send payments using our platform. When sending Bitcoin from a shared wallet they are not necessarily sent from your own address which makes it hard to trace you and thus is a real alternative to mixing services.

Security focused

We try our best to improve our platform by adding new features while also providing a simple and clean interface. Nonetheless, our main focus is security. We always keep all our software up-to-date and use the latest technologies as well as established methods to protect your funds. Our developers are experienced in security vulnerabilities and the biggest parts of funds is kept in different coldwallets.

Earn money

You are not a trader? No problem. You can still earn money on bitsburg by taking part in the affiliate program. By doing so you help us growing which everyone in the cryptospace can profit from and thus we give you back a part of the revenue in return.

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Our goal is to provide an alternative to big players such as LocalBitcoins and Paxful which both come with a lot of restrictions and recently also KYC.

bitsburg LocalBitcoins Paxful
Blocked regions None New York, Russia New York
Deposit altcoins Via CoinSwitch Only BTC BTC and USDT
Trading fees Sellers are charged 1% Users who create advertisements are charged 1% for every completed trade Sellers are charged up to 5%
Withdrawal fees ₿0.0004 to external wallets, internal transactions are free Depends on the current usage rate of the Bitcoin blockchain Up to ₿0.0005 to external wallets, up to 1% for internal transactions
Deposit fees None Varies on how congested the Bitcoin blockchain is None
Limits USD1,000,000 per trade USD1,000 in total without KYC USD10,000 per trade
Local trades Yes No Yes
Know Your Customer (KYC) No Phone verification, address verification and identity verification Phone verification, address verification and identity verification
Required bond None None ₿0.1
Coin locking To prevent coin lockers, sellers decide when they fund a trade and thus who they want to trade with Immediately Immediately

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